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Beezel and Magnus

Beezel and Magnus


Magnus! The pipe snakes are back! …….. Magnus!  Afraid of the answer Beezel slowly  asks Magnus  have you been feeding the pipe snakes?  Beezel he was so little and cute, I couldn’t help it.  Rubbing his temple - Magnus have you forgotten what it to took to eradicate them last time? It took years, and the lives of thousands of humans!  What humans Beezel? You remember the hairless apes that think they run things.  With a big goofy grin- oh yes them.  I’m sorry Beezel I found fluffy after the fact.  He was just a baby.  Beezel yanks out the sprouting flower on his head in frustration.  You kept it as a pet and named it!  The now growing headache Beezel rubs his eyes and when he opened them Magnus has disappeared.  


Hey Beezel do ya think their the abduct and probe type of aliens 5? Magnus what in the name of Bob are you talking about? Old fool look at the markings on the cows... their space cows! Oh yes Beezel and the parents have returned and look a bit mad. SHOULD MAGNUS YANK ON THE COWS TAIL?

Left overs

Magnus was starving and had hidden his favorite dish in the deep cellar refrigerator. His mouth watered as he descended the stone stairs. Opening the fridge, he jumped back in disgust. How long had it been in there? Indeed, it couldn't have been more than a few days... or maybe years. As he started getting mad at himself, the scuttling of an insect distracted him. With a swift move of his foot, he crushed it with an audible crunch. With a laugh, he turned and strolled out of the cellar. He started back up the stairs and thought,"I have to get to the feast in that old fridge before Beezel finds it..


Beezel tried to contain his rage, but he was failing. Deep in one of the galleries, he had spent weeks trying to find the old parchment containing a treatise on basket weaving. He grew even more frustrated due to the fact that he couldn't remember why. As his mind spiraled almost to bursting, he saw the most peculiar thing. A rat riding a hovering skull. The rats were a problem, of course, tunneling and eating through his precious manuscripts. But at the sight of this new development, he just rubbed his forehead in defeat. The rats had armed themselves, he muttered.

I laid an egg

 Shhh. That strange egg-laying rabbit showed up again. Beezel says I have to sit on it to keep it warm until he returns. But you know he had a smile on his face like he knew something | he didn't.